Get Pharmacy Equipment Financing Fast & Conveniently

Getting pharmacy equipment financing is fast and easy through CFI Pharmacy Finance, a leader in the pharmacy finance industry.

Entrepreneurs planning to launch their new business as well as those wanting to refurbish or upgrade their equipment can obtain the finance needed, conveniently and quickly.

The major benefit of this is that you can hold on to your capital instead of spending it all on costly pharmacy equipment right at the start-up, expansion or refurbishment stage.

Who We Are

CFI Pharmacy Finance is a specialist provider of finance to pharmacy businesses and has been operating since 2014. Our directors are experienced in franchising and small businesses, with a focus on providing flexible funding solutions.

Our finance offerings range between 12 month and 5 year terms, and the best service through a fuss-free application and approval process, all completed online. We have eliminated unnecessary processes traditionally involved with obtaining pharmacy equipment finance, helping our clients achieve their dreams of starting a new business or improving their existing operation.

Pharmacy Equipment Finance - Pharmacy Finance Australia

What We Can Finance

We can finance a range of assets for your new or existing pharmacy business whether you want to:

  • purchase an existing pharmacy business,
  • obtain new or used pharmacy equipment or
  • undertake an entire pharmacy fit-out and refurbishments.

Purchase of an Existing Pharmacy Business

If you are starting a new pharmacy business from scratch or buying one already in existence, we can provide the finance needed.

New or Used Equipment

Whether the pharmacy equipment needed is new or used, we can provide the financing so you can keep the capital you have to invest in your pharmacy’s growth and even future expansion.

We can provide pharmacy equipment financing from any Australian supplier, whether the equipment is new or used, serialised or non-serialised and even custom-built.

Complete Pharmacy Fit-outs and Refurbishments

If you require finance for the initial fit-out of your pharmacy or need to finance a refurbishment, CFI Pharmacy Finance can help. We have flexible solutions to suit your needs.

How It Works

The process is quick and involves just 4 simple steps,

  1. You source the equipment/assets you need from your preferred Australian supplier.
  2. Complete your online application form with us.
  3. Make your choice from our finance solutions, tailored to your specific industry.
  4. We send you the simple-to-understand contract to sign and then make payment to your supplier.
Pharmacy Equipment Financing - Pharmacy Finance Australia

A few of the funding solutions we offer include flexible rentals, fixed term leasing and business loans.

Once your application is completed, we have you promptly approved and ensure payment is made to your preferred Australian supplier. Before long your equipment will be on its way to you to begin operations.

Our average turn-around time to have you approved is just 24 hours and our friendly Customer Service Representatives are available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of Pharmacy Equipment Financing Instead of Initially Buying

Instead of buying your equipment and assets outright at the start, financing the pharmacy equipment you need has a number of benefits.

  • Given the high cost of pharmacy equipment and the large sum of capital you would need to raise, it makes good business sense to finance the equipment at first, instead of spending all your available capital at the start. This capital can be used to promote business or keep for a rainy day in case of an emergency.
  • Equipment is a depreciating asset so instead or buying your equipment outright, which will significantly lower or even deplete your capital during the crucial start-up phase, you can retain the capital to ensure the growth and smooth operation of the business. Rather allow the equipment to pay itself off over time. This will also mean you have cash available if you need to maintain or repair the equipment instead of having to finance the repairs later on.
  • We have a solution that offers low weekly repayments which are manageable, enabling your repayments to be tax deductible because they are considered an operating expense.
  • Pharmacy Equipment Australia provides flexible end-of-term solutions, dependent on whether you want to own the equipment at the end of the repayment term or wish to refinance.
  • Another major benefit is that most often we do not require personal security because the equipment serves as security.
  • Speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives today and they can advise you on the best pharmacy equipment financing option for you.