Supporting Your Local Community Through A Crisis

Published by James Scurr on

Supporting Your Local Community Through A Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect lives across Australia, our pharmacy industry is at the heart of the community’s support network. Many people are going to their pharmacy for supplies, medication, and guidance on how to best approach the current health crisis. This influx of customer enquiries can place a strain on the human resources of any pharmacy, however these businesses play an important role in disseminating information and assurance during a time of uncertainty.

The connection between pharmacies and their local communities is a tight knit one. As one of the places that people turn to in times of poor health and illness, it is no surprise that pharmacies place a focus on building meaningful and trusting relationships between themselves and their customers. Not only does this make the role of the pharmacist easier, but it also improves the experience of the customer and ensures that they are receiving the best care and advice possible.

A vital element of this relationship is communication, as a source of information and education it is important that pharmacies have efficient and effective streams of communication between themselves and their local community. The use of websites, email, SMS, and social media to share important updates is a great choice and adopting a range of different channels means you are making this information accessible to a broader audience.

Pharmacy owners may choose to use these channels to distribute information about their business (opening/closing hours, stock availability), send reminders to regular customers (script refills) or share educational messages about coronavirus, flu season and other pertinent health risks. In doing so it is important that the information is timely and accurate to maintain the pharmacists’ position as a trusted professional. Further, these communications are a great opportunity to send a message of positivity. Keeping the community in good spirits can help ease tension and fear, build a sense of support, and keep people in a positive mindset.

Given the significant pressure that the pharmacy sector is currently under, they should be praised for their role in the national health response to the current pandemic. Standing as a pillar of the community, pharmacy businesses continue to provide vital services whilst adapting to the increased demand. It is important that pharmacy businesses continue to offer support to their local communities throughout the crisis, and can achieve this through effective and efficient communication channels.