Finding and Keeping Quality Employees

Published by James Scurr on

With customer service playing such a vital role in the success of your pharmacy, it is important to ensure that you are hiring the best stuff for your business. Attracting and retaining top quality applicants can be difficult in a competitive market, to here are a few ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Work-Life Balance

There is no doubt that with young employees in particular, work-life balance is very important. When posting a job listing it is vital that you not only sell your business, but sell the lifestyle that comes with it. Whether this be wellness programs, flexible workplace arrangements or employee benefits, providing a balance between personal life and work commitments will result in happier and more product employees

Salary Does Matter

Money, whilst not always the deciding factor, plays an important role in a potential employees choice to work with your business. Paying well below the ‘going rate’ can result in staff dissatisfaction and you may not be able to attract new employees if you aren’t offering a competitive salary. Our tips is, find out what your applicants expect and what the industry average is, and ensure that is in line with what you are offering.

Cultivate a Culture

Despite being a buzz-word in the recruiting industry, company culture is something highly valued by employees. Not only do you want someone who is qualified for the job, but you want someone who will fit in with the team. This means asking someone about their values and goals, to ensure that they align with the businesses.

Did You Say Growth?

This may seem like an obvious one, but in order to attract top quality staff you should be able to offer them opportunities for growth. This could come in the form of personal or professional development. Whether, you implement this by allowing employees to undertake courses to further their skills or showing them that there is a path for career advancement, new hires must be able to see that there is somewhere to move and grow. Many employees report becoming frustrated when there is little opportunity for an upward move within their company.

Referrals Are Gold

Research has shown that the number one way in which people discover job opportunities is through referrals. If you really like your current employees, they may be able to help you find other like-minded people. The cost of the recruitment bonus with likely be worth the value!

Think As A Team

When looking to add to your team, it is important to analyse skill gaps and utilise the hiring opportunity to fill these. Whilst you may encounter some quality applicants, if their skillset doesn’t align with what you need for your business, or heavily overlaps with an existing employees’ duties, are they really the right fit? Looking at your employees as a collective is vital in order to run a productive business where each individual has purpose.

By employing these tips in your pharmacy you will begin to notice an increase in customer spending.