Pharmacy Marketing: Standing Out In The Crowd

Published by James Scurr on

Pharmacy Marketing: Standing Out In The Crowd

Within the pharmacy industry many businesses have the same core offering, leaving little room for differentiation on the product front. In order to place your pharmacy business a step above the rest it is important to look at what value you can deliver to customers that they won’t get elsewhere. In a traditionally competitive market place, pharmacist owners must put in place a marketing plan to help them build a loyal customer base and become a part of the local community.

1. Find Out What Your Customers Value

There is no point in adopting a trial and error method when you want to enhance your customers’ experience. Rather, engage in a conversation with your audience to see what they feel would add a little extra value. This could come in the form of a formal point-of-sale survey, or could just be a casual conversation with your regulars, either way it is important to understand what offerings your target audience value most.

2. Make Your Presence Known

Whether you are one location within a national franchise network, or an independent pharmacy, each business and their team have a unique relationship with their community. Social Media is a great way to build upon that relationship and increase your brand awareness among your local area. It is also a great way to promote your products and services whilst building a ‘personality’  for your brand.

3. Introduce Related Services

Pharmacies have expanded well beyond a place for customers to come and pick up their prescription medicine or a pack of cold and flu tablets. Introducing a network of related services into your business is a great way to differentiate yourself and create a competitive edge. This could be introducing a make-up counter, ongoing programs for weight loss, educational sessions or even bringing in a GP in house.

4. Get Involved In the Community

Pharmacies are a core part of any local community and this should be showcased in your marketing efforts. Investing in community programs such as local sporting teams, being a part of your neighborhoods Sunday markets and volunteering your time for educational sessions at schools are all great initiatives to promote engagement within the community and spread awareness about your business as well.

5. Utilise Your Expertise

As a pharmacist, you have a level of expertise that the general public does not, creating content based your knowledge can help build up your local profile and establish you as a reliable source of information among your customers. This could be in the form of health tips on your social media or blog posts about the best way to avoid the flu. Taking the steps to share this information with your customers adds value to your business beyond the products you stock on your shelf.