Mothers: Pharmacy’s Best Customers?

Published by James Scurr on

Mothers: Pharmacy's Best Customers?

In any business, success comes from having an in depth understanding of your target audience and creating a tailored experience to suit their wants, needs and buying behaviors. Despite being considered a ‘necessity’ for society, this same advice applies to pharmacies. Research shows that women now represent four in five customers, and in the health and beauty industry mothers often play the role of purchaser, even if they are not the end consumer.

The Australian Journal of Pharmacy reports that mothers represent $132 billion spending every year, and are the most influential consumers in the country. In order to get the business of this booming market segment, pharmacies must understand where to offer value in their purchase experience.

Whilst not all mothers are the same, there is no doubt that this demographic has some shared behaviors and tendencies which should be considered when marketing to them. Marketing to Mums, an Australian organisation, recently undertook a study which indicated that the number one thing keeping them awake at night is the health and wellbeing of their children. If this is something that pharmacies can help with, then they will gain the loyalty of this segment.

In the ‘mum’ market segment consumers are often highly invested in their health and the health of their children. As a result, consumers in this market are often well researched and savvy shoppers, meaning it is important for businesses to provide them value in other areas.When possible, pharmacy businesses should aim to become an integral part of a families healthcare plan from the start.

Getting in on the ground level creates a prime opportunity to build a basis of trust and loyalty that will keep a customer coming back, and ultimately offers a platform for pharmacists to provide better care over time. In an industry where there is little variation is the physical product offered, the customer experience plays a vital role in building and retaining a customer base.

Another important consideration when targeting mothers is availability and ease of access. Being available to this market segment through multiple touch points and platforms ensures that consumers can engage with the brand when and where they want. This will be of value to the ‘mum’ who is undoubtedly a busy consumer and needs things within an arm’s reach (or the click of a button) in case of emergency. Having a trusted pharmacist that they can rely on when their child is sick, or a familiar face to soothe a nervous child when it’s time for a flu shot helps deliver on these needs.

For any pharmacy business, mothers may be the most valuable market segment. To drive revenue in this space, be sure to listen to their needs and seek out opportunities to improve their customer experience, ultimately becoming an integral member of their families healthcare team.